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Updates may be more sparse for the rest of the year, since I am a student and the semester is ongoing, but this website is still actively being updated. Learn more about me and this website on the "About" page.

This is primarily a place for me to catalog anything that I find interesting online. Visit the "Curios" page to see my collections.

The video player on the left is hooked up to a playlist of choice music. Click on its header to detach it, then you can click and drag the header to move the player. Double click the header to reattach it. You can also resize it in the bottom right of the player.

Random Collection

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Halloween and Christmas themes!

I need to go through and improve performance. Images are a large part of this.

I plan on adding a shrines page, a guestbook, a page of websites I like, an "Articles" section, and some other fun things.

Need a better image gallery solution.